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Our workflow and recycling process

Survey Summary

We conducted a survey back in March 2022 with 500 residents living across housing types to better understand their concerns and habits when come to recycling 

What We Do

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Doorstep Collection

To encourage recycling in community, our team conducts doorstep collection of recyclables within residential premises. This provides residents with the convenience to recycle at ease.

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Community Awareness

Our team members are well-trained to share on the processes of recycling, allowing residents to better understand what happens to the items after collection and how much waste is being reduced from going to the landfill or incineratior


Building A Community

Active engagement with the community regardless of demographic to build a habit to adopt the 3Rs. We believe in nurturing a culture, a positive mindset, one where everyone can do their part to contribute to a greener future

For any enquiries or request for collection, you can reach out to us below

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