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About Us

Working towards a sustainable living , in line with Singapore very own SG Green Plan, we, at Ecobridge.SG is a social enterprise established with the key mission of providing last mile collection services to encourage community recycling.


We aim to fill the gap by focusing on educating residents and collecting recyclables not suitable for "BLOOBIN" ( Our nation's very own Recycling Blue Bin ), mainly items like old clothings, curtains, bedsheets, bags and shoes. We have witnessed many of these items were being thrown into the BLOOBIN and can't be recycled anymore due to contamination. We also understand from residents that inconvenience and weight of items are often too heavy and hassle for them to bring to drop off points or collection centres.


By offering doorstep collections to the residents, we bring forward the convenience of recycling and reduce the hassle to achieve it. Through our small actions, we hope to further increase the amount of textile waste being recycled instead of letting them go to the landfill.


Every one of us can contribute to make our Earth a more livable place. Let's do it together.
"Let us be the bridge to get everyone cross to the other side."

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